$1.2M Ether Rock NFT Sniped by Bot After Listing Error 17

$1.2M Ether Rock NFT Sniped by Bot After Listing Error

An NFT collector lost a digital collectible from the Ether Rock collection worth $1.2 million after a major listing error. The holder put the rock up for sale but failed to set the appropriate trading currency. After setting the price in WEI instead of ETH, the million-dollar rock NFT was sniped by a bot.

  • A sniper bot acquired an expensive Ether Rock NFT for a fraction of its original price after the owner made a grave mistake when setting up a sale.
  • NFT collector Dino Dealer tweeted that their $1.2 million net worth was wiped out following a listing accident. The holder intended to sell Ether Rock #44 for 444 Ether (ETH) but imputed 444 WEI instead.
  • There’s a huge difference in value as 444 ETH is roughly worth $1.23 million as of the time of writing this report. On the hand, 444 WEI amounts to less than a dollar.
  • Further comments from Dino Dealer also reveal that the sniper bot snagged the rock NFT in the same block as the listing transaction. This left no time for the owner to reverse the sale and retain their Ether Rock.
  • Dino Dealer’s case is the latest listing error to result in a cheap NFT sale. Back in November 2021, a rare Crypto Punk with a Tiara sold for an underwhelming 4.444 ETH after the collector set a wrong price.
  • The original value of the NFT was closer to 4,444 ETH, a massive $19 million at the time.