59% of Bitcoin (BTC) & Crypto Investors Get their News Via Telegram 14

59% of Bitcoin (BTC) & Crypto Investors Get their News Via Telegram

In brief:

  • Crypto traders and investors have seen Telegram Messenger as a logical home for their news and discussions.
  • A report by the team at Amun estimates that 59% of Bitcoin and Crypto investors get their Bitcoin and crypto news via Telegram messenger. 

Bitcoin and Crypto investors have long used Telegram as the defacto platform for all their investing and trading discussions. Telegram Messenger has long been seen as a logical home for members of the crypto-verse primarily due to the end-to-end encryption of messages on the platform.

Additionally, Telegram has a bunch of features that suit the Bitcoin and Crypto investor’s needs. They include and are not limited to the following:

  • Groups that can have up to 200,000 members.
  • Access to messages from several devices at once such as tablets, phones and PCs.
  • Sharing an unlimited number of photos, videos, gifs and more.
  • Telegram is fast and free.
  • Ease of integrating other services via bots/APIs.
  • Easy subscription to crypto news via Telegram channels.

59% of Bitcoin (BTC) & Crypto Investors Get their News Via Telegram

It is with this brief background of the Telegram application that the team at Amun has explored the usage of the application in their 2020 Derivatives and Tokens Benchmarking Survey. In the report, the team at Amun concludes that 58.89% of Bitcoin and crypto investors get their news via Telegram Messenger.

Other social media platforms used by the crypto community include Twitter, Youtube, Blogs, Reddit and Newsletters. The chart below from Amun provides a better visual representation of the usage of each platform.

59% of Bitcoin (BTC) & Crypto Investors Get their News Via Telegram 15

Possible Areas of Improvement in the Survey

The methodology used by Amun involved surveying 629 participants from a closed network that were paid between $1 – $10 for their efforts. Additionally, participants from the US, Switzerland and Seychelles were excluded from the survey. However, the team at Amun acknowledged the possible incompleteness of the data and promised to improve with time.

As such, we are aware that the results of this study do not represent the entire community. This survey is the first of a much wider effort to understand our industry better and, whilst not perfect, we hope that the results and our findings are useful.