Aussie Firm Partners with Gemini to Offer Bitcoin (BTC) to Investors 14

Aussie Firm Partners with Gemini to Offer Bitcoin (BTC) to Investors

Raiz Invest has launched its Sapphire Portfolio with a 5% holding in Bitcoin held and traded on the Gemini exchange.

In brief:

  • Raiz Invest, an Australian leading micro-investing app, is now offering investors exposure to Bitcoin (BTC) through its Sapphire portfolio.
  • BTC has an allocation of 5% on the Sapphire portfolio.
  • The Bitcoin will be traded and stored with the Gemini Exchange.
  • The team at Raiz Invest recommends a minimum investment timeframe of five years for the portfolio.

Retail investors in Australia can now invest in Bitcoin through a new portfolio offered by that team at Raiz Invest. The portfolio, dubbed Sapphire, will expose investors to BTC which will be traded and stored with the Gemini Exchange. The portfolio is one of seven offered by the team at Raiz Invest and will be the first Bitcoin retail fund in any G20 nation.

The tweet by the team at Raiz Invest making the announcement can be found below.

Millennials More Inclined to Invest in Digital Assets

The creation of the portfolio took 18 months and was in response to growing demand in digital assets by retail investors. The CEO of Raiz, George Lucas, explained that the time was right since Millennials are more inclined to embrace crypto assets.

The investment objective of the Sapphire portfolio is to provide exposure to Bitcoin in a managed, risk-adjusted way. The minimum suggested investment timeframe is more than five years.

Many of our investors are Millennials, who have time on their side when adopting an investment choice such as the Sapphire portfolio for the long term.

A December 2019 report by the US stockbroker Charles Schwab revealed that while stalwart companies ranked among the top investment picks for Baby Boomers and Generation Z, Millennials were more inclined to put money into crypto assets.

Bitcoin Allocated 5% of the Portfolio

The team at Raiz Invest went on to explain that only 5% of the Sapphire portfolio was allocated to Bitcoin. A complete breakdown of the assets held in the Sapphire portfolio can be found below:

  • Bitcoin – 5%
  • Australia Large Cap Stocks – 41.4%
  • Asia Large Cap Stocks – 13.1%
  • Europe Large Cap Stocks – 6.1%
  • Australia Government Bonds – 2.9%
  • Australia Corporate Bonds – 20%
  • US Large Cap Stocks – 8.5%

(Feature image courtesy of Unsplash.)