YouTuber BitBoy Crypto Pulls Defamation Lawsuit Against Fellow YouTuber Atozy 10

YouTuber BitBoy Crypto Pulls Defamation Lawsuit Against Fellow YouTuber Atozy

  • BitBoy has dropped his defamation lawsuit against Atozy.
  • The YouTuber was sorry that the case had become public and that it was misconstrued.
  • Atozy intends to return all the funds donated to him once the lawsuit has been officially dropped.

YouTube crypto personality BitBoy, who also goes by the name Ben Armstrong, has dropped his lawsuit against fellow YouTuber Atozy, also known as Erling Mengshoel Jr. BitBoy had filed a defamation lawsuit against Atozy over a video that the latter had posted titled “This Youtuber Scams His Fans… Bitboy Crypto.”

Atozy tweeted on August 25 that he had heard that BitBoy would be pulling the lawsuit, and BitBoy confirmed that he had indeed done so. BitBoy made the announcement in a stream, saying,

“I guess I didn’t understand that my name is now so big that if I file a lawsuit, it will be found and made public. Obviously, if [I knew] this would have been public, I wouldn’t have done it. We are going to drop the lawsuit, 100%. I’m sorry this became public, I’m sorry that this has been misconstrued.”

Despite being worried about the lawsuit, Atozy stood his ground and intended to fight the case. He also called the lawsuit frivolous. BitBoy demanded $75,000 in damages.

Following the pulling of the lawsuit, BitBoy also said that he was “probably the most misunderstood person in crypto.” The news is a huge sigh of relief for Atozy, who had received an outpouring of support from the crypto community over the case.

Atozy had made some strong comments about BitBoy in the video and said that he promoted cryptocurrencies that went bust and did not disclose sponsored content. He had managed to raise $200,000 in less than 24 hours and had also received a donation from crypto personality Cobie. Atozy plans to refund the money to everyone who donated.

Strong Support From Crypto Community

The lawsuit against Atozy was a bit of a shock to the crypto community, who were quick to rally and show their support for the YouTuber. They quickly began making donations for the legal fees. On his part, Atozy said that should any extra funds remain after the legal fees were paid, he would donate it to charity.

Ripple Chief Technology Officer David Schwartz also spoke about the lawsuit. He said that BitBoy had been “misled” by his lawyers and that they “should have known better.”

Schwartz also replied to BitBoy directly on Twitter, saying that he could not find a single lie that the filing alleged, and asked the YouTuber if he was “perfectly comfortable accusing people of spreading provable lies on Twitter but suddenly uncomfortable when asked to show one specific instance of a provable lie.”