Bitcoin Holds $10k But Crypto Community Confident For New All-Time High 16

Bitcoin Holds $10k But Crypto Community Confident For New All-Time High

Another foray into four figures was short lived today as Bitcoin has reclaimed $10k for the second time in as many days. The crypto community has been quiet today but it is still confident of a new high before the year is out.

Bitcoin Back at Five Figures

Yesterday Bitcoin spent just a few hours below five figures, dropping to $9,480 before bouncing back. The best part of Thursday was spent in the $10.1k to $10.4k region but a fall back has occurred during Asian trading today. This dip to $9,750 was even shorter indicating that there are still a lot of buyers lurking in four figure territory.

Bitcoin Holds $10k But Crypto Community Confident For New All-Time High 17
Bitcoin price hourly,

Within the past hour Bitcoin has made it back to the psychological $10k level and is currently trading just above it according to charts on The move has maintained the heavy chop on BTC markets at the moment as it remains range bound for now.

The crypto community has been pretty quiet recently but leading trader Josh Rager posed the premise of a new all-time high for Bitcoin within the next six months.

“CT is getting a little sleepy
Let’s wake up
Give this a like if you think $BTC hits new ATH $20k+ in the next 6 months
Otherwise, write below when you think Bitcoin price hits new high”

There was a fair bit of response from a number of Rager’s 54,000 followers with most in agreement that Bitcoin will post higher prices in the coming months. Many agreed that the halving, which is due in May 2020, will be a key factor in the timing of a new BTC high.

However, if the Litecoin halving is anything to go by some may be disappointed. Litecoin has been dragged down with the sinking ship that is currently the altcoin market. Only when they all start to recover will LTC return to its previous highs. As we have seen countless times, Bitcoin moves independently to any of the other crypto assets and further accumulation is likely to be going on while it trades sideways.

Elsewhere on crypto markets today things are pretty flat. Altcoins have yet to recover from yesterday’s epic dump which saw almost $30 billion wiped out. Ethereum is still smashed up at around $185, XRP has done nothing to lift itself off $0.25 and Litecoin is in pain at $75.

Only the two BTC offshoots appear to be moving a little at the moment with Bitcoin Cash crawling back over $310 and BSV tapping $135.