Bitcoin's Market Cap is Bigger than JPMorgan, Facebook and Tesla 14

Bitcoin’s Market Cap is Bigger than JPMorgan, Facebook and Tesla

In brief:

  • Bitcoin is getting harder to ignore as an investment option
  • Bitcoin’s market cap is now greater than JPMorgan, Facebook, VISA and Tesla individually
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad author continues to recommend Bitcoin as a hedge against possible global financial turmoil
  • Tyler Winklevoss has also reiterated that Bitcoin is the best hedge against incoming inflation

Bitcoin is getting harder and harder to ignore. This is according to an analysis done by the team at Ecoinmetrics that pointed out that Bitcoin’s market cap has exceeded that of VISA, JPMorgan, Facebook and Tesla on an individual basis.

Additionally, Bitcoin’s market cap is 59% of Amazon’s; 43% of Apple’s; 35% of the gold in the financial system; and 8% of the physical gold market.

The team at Ecoinmetrics shared their observation via Twitter and through the following infographic comparing Bitcoin’s rising market cap, alongside major companies and gold.

Bitcoin's Market Cap is Bigger than JPMorgan, Facebook and Tesla 15

The US Government is in Debt, Buy Bitcoin – ‘Rich dad, Poor Dad’ Author

As Bitcoin continues to make headlines, the author of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’, Robert Kiyosaki, has once again urged retail investors to buy Bitcoin, Gold and Silver as a hedge against the ongoing money printing habits of the US Federal Reserve.

According to Mr. Kiyosaki, the US Government is broke yet the stock market keeps going higher hinting that a collapse of some sort is in the pipeline. His analysis of the current financial times can be found below.

Total US Debt $28 T.

Total US Gov spending $8 T. US Gov Tax collection $3.5 T.

US Gov short $4.5 T. Biden to spend $1.9 T stimulus.

US bankrupt yet stock market higher.

Economy sick. Very very sick. Buy gold, silver Bitcoin

Inflation is Coming, Bitcoin Will Save You – Tyler Winklevoss

Mr. Kiyosaki’s comments on the state of the US economy echos Tyler Winklevoss’s warning that the US economy is at the cusp of inflation and Bitcoin is the best hedge against it. Mr. Winklevoss was commenting on a CNN article that quoted Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, predicting an increment in consumer prices this summer.

Below is Mr. Winklevoss’s tweet alongside the quoted article.