Bitfinex Switches all Crypto Information Widgets to CoinGecko 14

Bitfinex Switches all Crypto Information Widgets to CoinGecko

In summary:

  • Bitfinex now uses CoinGecko for its crypto information widgets
  • The move was first announced on the 23rd of August by Bitfinex CTO, Paolo Ardoino
  • This was after Mr. Ardoino pointed out that Coinmarketcap accounted for perpetual contracts from selected exchanges

The crypto exchange of Bitfinex has officially switched to CoinGecko for all its crypto information widgets. This move was announced earlier this month by Bitfinex’s CTO, Paolo Ardoino via the following tweet.

What May Have Caused Bitfinex to Switch to CoinGecko

Bitfinex switching to CoinGecko came after Mr. Ardoino pointed out that Coinmarketcap only accounted for perpetual contracts belonging to specific exchanges. His observation was shared via twitter on the 15th of August and foreshadowed the move by Bitfinex to use CoinGecko exclusively.

Below is the tweet by Bitfinex’s CTO making the observation about Coinmarketcap.

Recent Bitfinex News

In addition to switching its crypto information widgets to CoinGecko, Bitfinex has had several news developments that might have gone unnoticed in the crypto-verse.

Following the listing of ChainLink (LINK) and Polkadot (DOT) on the 25th of August, Bitfinex went on to list Compound Finance (COMP) on the 26th of August with trading commencing yesterday, August 28th.

Also to note, is that Bitfinex carried out a token sale of Fetch (FET) on the 27th of August. The token sale was open to all verified users of the trading platform with a total of 1.9 Million FET up for sale. The minimum investment allocation was 10 USDT with the maximum being 10,000 USDT.

Additionally, Bitfinex hit a new milestone by integrating the OMG network with a 3 Million USDT transaction. This comes after the parent company of Tether announced that it will be using the OMG Transport Network for USDT transactions.

Lastly, traders can now execute custom algorithmic orders and trading strategies using Bitfinex’s Honey Framework. The exchange made the announcement of the new capability at the exchange via the following tweet.