Bitsonic, Top 3 of Korea Crypto exhange is entering Vietnam market

bitsonic exchange

In back of Upbit and CoinOne, Bitsonic will be a following name which is entering into East-Southern Asia market.
On 11 Nov 2019, Bitsonic declared that they will join in Vietnam Crypto through the corporation with Innovan Tech company which is known as a total blockchain developer in Vietnam.

The brand of Bitsonic in Vietnam will be named as Mtobit, which will be officially issued in the first quarter of next year. Mtobit has plan to make cooperation with banks of Vietnam to open Fiat service in Vietnam as well.


“Vietnam is the first foreign market of Bitsonic and we will make a good achievement by making cooperation with local banks and blockchain developer”


On November 15 and November 17, Bitsonic exchange cooperated with Mtobit exchange to hold a private meetup in two major cities in Vietnam (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh) to introduce Mtobit exchange to investors as well as the media.



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