Cardano Vasil Upgrade On Track As Updated SPOs Crosses The 40% Mark

  • IOHK has informed its users about the recent progress on the Vasil Hard Fork upgrade 
  • The network has successfully crossed the 40% SPO mark. 

According to analytics platform PoolTool, the updated Cardano SPOs have now reached the 42% mark, inching the Vasil Hard Fork deployment closer than ever. 

IOHK Tweets The Current Cardano SPO Status 

Input Output Hong Kong, the blockchain company behind the Cardano network has tweeted a comprehensive Twitter thread informing users about the current progress on the Vasil Hard Fork upgrade. 

Per IOHK, nearly 42% of SPOs or Stake Pool Operators have already updated to the newly released 1.35.3 version. According to IOHK, the SPOs need to reach a 75% mark to deploy the Vasil Hard Fork on the network. 

Other than SPOs, the network also mandates another condition with nearly 25 crypto exchanges upgrading their nodes as it would account for approximately 80% of its native token liquidity. Keeping the said condition in mind, crypto exchange Binance has already upgraded its Cardano nodes to the newly released version. 

The network further informed that 4 out of the top ten Cardano TVL Dapps projects have also confirmed that they are actively testing and upgrading to the 1.35.3 version, which is another critical condition needed to be approved before the Vasil Hard Fork upgrade is finally released. 

Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork upgrade is among one of the highly anticipated crypto events of the year. Earlier the update was delayed citing several bug issues that needed to be dealt with before the final version was released, however, the recent status update by IOHK demonstrates the network’s positive progress towards the Vasil deployment.