David Beckham and Madonna Make an Entry into the Metaverse 14

David Beckham and Madonna Make an Entry into the Metaverse

Quick take:

  • The legendary pop star, Madonna, has acquired her very first Bored Ape NFT
  • MoonPay facilitated the transaction for Madonna that cost her 180 Ethereum (ETH)
  • English Premier League Hall of Famer, David Beckham, is now the global brand ambassador for the DigitalBits blockchain
  • David Beckham plans to connect with his fans and work on his NFT collections

The MetaVerse and blockchain industry just got a major boost from two of the most globally recognized cultural icons in the 21st century.

Madonna Acquires Her Very First Bored Ape NFT

To begin with, the Queen of Pop, Madonna, purchased her very first Bored Ape NFT and shared her entry into the MetaVerse on the social media platforms of Twitter and Instagram.

Madonna is now the owner of Bored Ape #4988 which was purchased for 180 Ethereum (ETH). However, the transaction was facilitated by MoonPay which then transferred the non-fungible token to a wallet owned by the iconic pop star.

David Beckham Becomes the Global Ambassador for DigitalBits Blockchain

Additionally, the legendary English Premier League Hall of Famer, David Beckham, has also made an entry into the Metaverse as the global ambassador for the DigitalBits blockchain.

In his new role, Mr. Beckham ‘will help to communicate the transformative power of the DigitalBits blockchain to consumers, brands and other organizations worldwide’. He will also kickstart a series of projects that will showcase the power and potential of the DigitalBits blockchain as a fast and eco-friendly alternative.

With a global social media following of over 138 million and over 9 billion impressions across Instagram, Facebook, Weibo and Douyin, Beckham will have a chance at connecting with his fans in new innovative ways.

To achieve this, David Beckham will launch ‘a series of NFTs and other Blockchain-based digital assets, exclusively minted on the eco-friendly DigitalBits blockchain, providing new experiences for fans worldwide’.

David Beckham had this to say about the new role and collaboration with DigitalBits.

I am always keen to find new ways to connect with my fans across the world. The moment I spoke with Al and the DigitalBits team, I knew that this was a major opportunity to create new experiences for my fans online. I have always taken pride in working with the best teams and I am so excited to work on my NFT collections and more innovations in the future.

[Feature image courtesy of Pixabay]