Ethereum Merge Tentative Date Is Set And It's Sooner Than You Think 14

Ethereum Merge Tentative Date Is Set And It’s Sooner Than You Think

  • The Ethereum core developer team has discussed the tentative dates for the Merge to take place.
  • The dates are not definitive; however, the devs have agreed that the Bellatrix update would land on September 6, and the Paris update would target September 15.
  • The Merge is planned to take place before the end of September.
  • It aims to resolve the core problems Ethereum faces today, such as security, scalability, and environmental stability.

The Ethereum Core developer team suggested possible dates for the Merge on their latest Consensus Layer Call earlier today. 

The Merge, which successfully completed the final testnet phase on August 11 of this month, is one of the most anticipated events in Ethereum’s history. 

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The initial dates were set on September 17; however, during the call, the core developers agreed on roughly two dates for the main upgrades. The consensus so far is that the 144896 epoch for the Bellatrix upgrade would land on September 6, and the Paris upgrade would be completed by September 15.

As discussed on the call, the developers mentioned that the dates are not definitive and can be changed within the coming weeks. 

The Merge should occur after the Bellatrix mainnet upgrade before the end of September. Ethereum’s Eth token has already rallied 17.5% in anticipation of the Merge. The upgrade will go as scheduled unless the Ethereum hash rate falls significantly, which would cause lower block times and delay the Merge’s expected time. 

The Merge aims to resolve security, scalability, and environmental sustainability. All of these issues have been concerns that have halted Ethereum adoption and the adoption of other cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum network.