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HitBTC Partners With TradingView to Launch Trading via API Keys

Crypto traders can now manager their HitBTC accounts directly via TradingView.

In brief:

  • TradingView and HitBTC have partnered to promote seamless trading on the latter platform via API keys.
  • Traders on HitBTC can now manage all their trades on TradingView using private API keys.
  • HitBTC is one of the few crypto exchanges to provide such integration.

Every crypto trader who uses has probably mused about integrating the charting platform to their preferred crypto exchange. Such integration would make life easier for those who rely on scripts to provide signals which they trade manually. It is with this brief background that the team at TradingView has announced a partnership with HitBTC.

Control Your HitBTC Account on TradingView via API Keys

In the announcement, the team at TradingView explained that users need not worry about logging into both platforms when trading. All they have to do is submit their HitBTC private API keys to their TradingView account and control their trading seamlessly on the latter platform. The team went on to explain that the process of integrating both platforms was relatively easy.

We’re excited to say we’ve got a new partnership with HitBTC, so you can now manage orders via our web-trading interface, rather having to log into HitBTC.

All you need to do is submit your private API keys to your TradingView account instead — it’s that easy.

HitBTC leads Other Crypto Exchanges With this New Partnership

With this new partnership, HitBTC leads other exchanges in providing this service whereby users of TradingView can handle their trades directly from the charting platform. Experienced crypto-traders at HitBTC will most likely welcome the idea of having their automated scripts on TradingView handle their trades. TradingView has requested feedback from traders who will embrace the new feature.

We cannot wait to hear your feedback on this new partnership, so please continue sending your comments and reactions. We hope you’ve enjoyed this update and as always, thanks for your support.

Additionally, such a partnership is sure to have a ripple effect in the crypto trading industry as traders start requesting their favorite exchanges to provide similar integration with TradingView. At the time of writing this, only the Gemini exchange has similar integration with Tradingview. Therefore, the HitBTC partnership might just be the first of many for TradingView with regards to crypto exchanges.

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HitBTC and Gemini integration options on

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