OKX Plans to Increase its Workforce by 30% to 5k Employees in 12 Months, With a Focus on Gender Balance 12

OKX Plans to Increase its Workforce by 30% to 5k Employees in 12 Months, With a Focus on Gender Balance


  • OKX crypto exchange has updated its plans to weather the ongoing crypto winter.
  • The team at OKX has stated that they plan to increase their workforce by 30% to 5,000 employees globally in 12 months.
  • Additionally, OKX plans on maintaining gender balance.

The team at the crypto exchange of OKX has announced that they plan on hiring during the ongoing crypto bear market that has claimed several casualties, including Coinbase and Gemini.

OKX Plans on Increasing its Global Workforce by 30% and Maintain Gender Balance.

According to the team at OKX, the exchange has a ‘careful and deliberate hiring plan in place to ensure sustainable growth during this [bear market] period.’ Furthermore, the exchange plans to accelerate its recruitment to increase OKX’s global workforce by 30% to reach 5,000 employees in the next 12 months.

OKX also plans on maintaining gender balance at the exchange, which currently comprises 40% of female staff. They explained:

While we hire the best talent, we also value diversity and inclusion which is a fundamental part of OKX culture. We plan to be the first crypto exchange to have a balance of genders at the firm.

Our current global leadership team includes 40% female staff and we are continuing to attract top talent from all walks of life, regardless of race or gender.

This level of commitment to diversity is important to us towards creating a more inlcusive financial system that creates a level playing field for all.

OKX’s Team Has Weather Bear Markets Since 2013.

Also worth mentioning is that the team at OKX took a deep dive at the ongoing crypto market downturn, explaining that the company has weathered many market cycles. Consequently, they have learned ‘that market downturns are an absolute opportunity for us to double down on hiring, building and scaling our services.’

In addition, although OKX has been operational for five years, its team’s collective experience goes back to 2013, when the Bitcoin markets were more volatile and full of surprises such as Mt. Gox, Bitcoin forks, and considerable downtimes on top exchanges and trading platforms.

The team at OKX went on to point out that the ‘battle scars’ have made them stronger. They added:

Despite the scars we all have, those moments matured our industry and made us all stronger. With every crisis, our industry emerges more resilient than before.

However, we have learned that those who bet and double down on the future during these times are the ultimate winners of tomorrow.

These are the times when we should continue to hire the best talent. Talent we believe to be hungry to innovate and build for the future with a sense of passion and resilience.

[Feature image courtesy of OKX.com]