Optimism Price Page On Coinbase Hints At Possible Token Launch

  • Layer 2 scaling protocol Optimism could launch a token soon
  • The conversation around a possible token is fueled by a recent Coinbase website update
  • The exchange added a price page for the token.
  • Optimism also recently published an official blog post with references to a “new chapter”

Ethereum layer 2 scaling project Optimism might launch its ecosystem and governance token soon. Although no official confirmation has emerged at press time, a price page added to major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase suggests that a token announcement could be inbound.

The update was first spotted by ‘Tree of Alpha’ on Twitter, a handle synonymous with finding and posting new website pages on social media.

Shortly after, speculation and questions followed as crypto proponents confirmed that the page was indeed genuine. However, the only way to access the page is via a direct link, leaving some users to wonder if the page update could be a mistake.

Anticipation for an Optimism coin was further reinforced after a few users referenced an official blog post from the project published on Tuesday (April 19, 2022). In the post, the Ethereum scaling protocol said that a new chapter was about to kick off

Interestingly, the post emphasized that the latest chapter will involve community ownership and governance, leading crypto proponents to believe that a token launch is imminent. Optimism also released a thread saying that the project is ready to back an ecosystem.

Optimism is just about ready to support a *true* ecosystem. The tech is next-level. The team is in place. It’s time to turn our eyes to the community. More on this soon

– Optimism Official Twitter

Over $1 Billion in Gas Fees Saved With Optimism 

Since launching its mainnet in 2021, the scaling solution has supposedly established itself as a key protocol among other layer 2 solutions. Asides from becoming the first L2 Ethereum-based network to design and ship an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the project has also:

  • Saved users over $1.1B in gas fees
  • Deployed over 6,800 contracts
  • On-boarded over 300k unique addresses
  • Secured over $900M of value
  • Facilitated over $17.4B in transaction volume
  • Generated over $24.5M in revenue
  • Donated over $1M to public goods funding

Optimism has also raised more than $175 million in capital from industry stakeholders like behemoth investment firm Andreessen Horowitz and Paradigm.