TRON Launches JustLink, the ChainLink Equivalent on the TRX Network 16

TRON Launches JustLink, the ChainLink Equivalent on the TRX Network


  • Tron has launched JustLink, an oracle on the Tron network to power smart contracts with real-time data
  • JustLink is ‘the answer for ChainLink on the Tron network’
  • JST will be the native token of JustLink
  • If JustLink is Tron’s version of ChainLink, JST should thrive in the crypto markets just like LINK

The team at Tron (TRX) and the JUST foundation has just launched JustLink: an oracle to power smart contracts on the Tron blockchain. JustLink is the first blockchain oracle on the Tron blockchain that feeds smart contracts with real-time data in a manner similar to how ChainLink provides its data to the Ethereum network. JustLink will be an essential cog to the Tron DeFi ecosystem by providing accurate data on the prices of digital assets, derivatives, market estimations, lending rates and so much more.

The team at Just announced the launch of JustLink via the following tweet.

JustLink is the ChainLink Equivalent on TRON

The Founder of Tron, Justin Sun, further described JustLink as follows.

JustLink is the Chainlink equivalent on TRON, whose birth marked a pivotal milestone for TRON’s ecosystem.

JustLink will drive a new round of boom in TRON-powered DeFi applications, which will further benefit and reinvigorate the entire TRON ecosystem.

It’s fair to say that JustLink is an epoch-marking project that’s bound to revolutionize the whole DeFi sector.

JST Will be the Native Token of JustLink

The launch of JustLink comes at a time when the Tron DeFi ecosystem is gathering steam. JustLink will provide developers with a trusted source of real-time data with JST functioning as the pricing pool to interconnect different use cases and ecosystems. Tron users and developers who wish to try out JustLink can do so at the official site of

Just (JST) Should Begin to Thrive Like ChainLink (LINK)

Keeping in line with the comparison that JustLink is the ChainLink version on the Tron blockchain, it can be easily concluded that the future value of the Just (JST) token is bound to increase with time in a manner similar to how LINK has thrived. In the case of the latter, LINK’s value is very much linked to the use of the ChainLink network.

Therefore, as JustLink continues to gain popularity, JST will surely gain in value. At the time of writing, Just (JST) is valued at $0.0221 and the launch of JustLink could be the beginning of a new chapter for the digital asset in the crypto markets.