Tron (TRX) Could Soon Have its Very Own Twitter Emoji

Tron (TRX) Could Soon Have its Very Own Twitter Emoji 13

Quick take:

  • The Tron Community has requested Justin Sun to facilitate the process of Tron having its own emoji on Twitter. 
  • This comes after becomes the second digital asset to have its own emoji after Bitcoin (BTC). 

The TRX cryptocurrency could soon have its own Twitter emoji thanks to the Tron community requesting Justin Sun to facilitate the process of making it happen on the social media platform. This comes after became the second digital asset after Bitcoin (BTC) to have its own emoji on Twitter.

Tron Community member @BobbyOng  made the request to Justin Sun via the following tweet.

Justin Sun Responds with ‘Coming Soon’

Justin Sun soon replied to @BobbyOng’s tweet with a simple statement of ‘Coming Soon’.

Tron Community Chimes In and Affirms the Idea

The Tron community was quick to respond to Justin Sun’s tweet, with many supporting the idea of Tron (TRX) having its own Twitter emoji. Below are excerpts from some of the responses to Justin Sun’s Tweet.

#TRON has a large community. Make sure it happens @justinsuntron – @nelo_simon

the only thing you could do with Tron…- @babi_sogno

What about #btt, #wink and #just – @ArbitrageApe

I have been waiting tbh – @burglife48

i hear that if you pay more you win…..just like you paid Warren with some of that juicy ICO $TRX money… just pay more than the 50k and u will win, #CRO has nothing on you and #TRON – @crypto_n_more

The $50,000 Cost of a Custom Twitter Emoji

In the last tweet quoted above, @crypto_n_more mentioned a $50,000 fee that was paid by to get its own emoji on Twitter. This figure is in reference to a statement by Larry Cermak that explains that all it takes for an emoji on Twitter, is $50,000 in ad spend.

If the latter amount is what it takes to get an emoji on Twitter, high chances are that Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation will find a way to make it happen. One needs only to remember the amount Mr. Sun has paid for the acquisitions of Poloniex, BitTorrent, DLive and Steemit, to realize that it is very much possible for TRX to have its own Twitter emoji.


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