Chirpley Takes Flight to Ethereum Chain: Expanding CHRP Horizons in the Crypto Cosmos

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Amsterdam, 15th January — Chirpley, the dynamic influencer marketplace, has embarked on a transformative journey by spreading its wings to the Ethereum chain. This strategic move aligns with Chirpley’s vision to broaden the reach of CHRP holders within the vibrant crypto community. While the Chirpley platform remains rooted in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as its primary hub, CHRP is now accessible and tradable on the Ethereum chain.

Ethereum Integration: Elevating CHRP Accessibility

Chirpley has officially gone live on the Ethereum chain, marking a significant milestone in the platform’s evolution. As part of its strategic expansion, CHRP holders can now acquire and trade CHRP tokens seamlessly on the Ethereum chain, providing a broader avenue for engagement within the crypto ecosystem.

Private Sale Success: $100K Infused for Liquidity

To fortify liquidity and fuel further growth, Chirpley recently concluded a successful private sale, raising $100,000. These funds have been strategically allocated to the liquidity pool (LP) on Uniswap, enhancing the platform’s stability and reinforcing its position in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

Axelar Partnership Paves the Way for Cross-Chain Innovation

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Chirpley has partnered with Axelar, a pioneer in cross-chain solutions, to facilitate its seamless integration with the Ethereum chain. Leveraging Axelar’s innovative Interchain Token Service (ITS), Chirpley has bridged the gap between BSC and Ethereum, offering users a versatile and efficient cross-chain experience.
The collaboration also introduces the Squid Router, opening doors to cross-chain swaps that further enrich the CHRP trading experience. Chirpley believes that this partnership, coupled with its expansion to the Ethereum chain, lays the foundation for enduring success and investment growth.

Chirpley’s Perspective: A Strategic Investment for the Future

This strategic move to the Ethereum chain reflects Chirpley’s commitment to innovation and adaptability in the ever-evolving crypto landscape. By providing access to CHRP on both BSC and Ethereum, Chirpley aims to enhance user convenience and foster a broader, interconnected community of CHRP holders.

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