Who is Ethereum World News?

Ethereum World News, a U.S.- and U.K.-centric organization founded in 2017, is a media outlet predicated on providing pertinent, up-to-date, and impactful news stories in the Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain industry. 

Our team of content creators, writers, and journalists believe that to perpetuate the revolution that is blockchain technologies, it is important to democratize access to information through news and other tidbits of content. 

The Ethereum World News team is comprised of industry professionals that are well-versed in writing, technology, and the cryptocurrency world and what potential it has to revolutionize industries from healthcare and finance to governance and supply chain management. 

If you boil our team down, they’re just like you — an avid crypto-loving consumer with a passion for learning and the consumption and creation of content. 

We hope to be a source for trustworthy, interesting, and refreshing industry content by covering all topics — from Bitcoin and blockchain basics to Ethereum, Ripple, altcoins, and other projects important to the budding industry. The Ethereum World News team aims to abide by high journalistic and editorial standards to provide the best content for the reader. 

Official email: info@ethereumworldnews.com

Office space: EWN US & UK Markets – 79 Madison Ave 27 E 28th St New York, NY 10016