SpaceCatch Public Beta is coming on 22nd April 2024. The biggest GameFi event of this month is here

SpaceCatch, one of the most professional and notable GameFi projects in Web3 this year, has announced its Public Beta launch. The most important day in GameFi in April is the 22nd of April 2024.

SpaceCatch, developed by the professional gaming studio Pixelfield, has been developed since 2022. The team provided great skill so far, so now, SpaceCatch is one of the most promising AR&Web3 games in the GameFi industry. Its CATCH token is already listed, hitting the ATH over x50 compared to its presale price. This all shows the great ability of the team to provide great, professional results.

One of the strongest marketing presences

SpaceCatch entered a Crypto space with a solid marketing presence and professionalism, and 22nd April is going to be the first time the Public will have a chance to test the Public Beta version. The SpaceCatch beta will be accessible for iOS and Android users, and there is only a 20k beta testers limit.

Certainly, SpaceCatch is going to launch a massive promotion of the Public Beta, so note to your calendar that 22nd April is a big day for the whole GameFi industry. Certainly, the promotion will be everywhere, so stay focused and catch your slot for Beta testing, as it is highly expected that 20k slots will quickly run out.

Professionals delivering results.

As a main Developer, Pixelfield, a professional gaming studio, is known for a great experience with AR gaming, SpaceCatch can be a game changer in GameFi. Multiple gaming projects are entering the market, but SpaceCatch is extraordinary with its results and massive community support. SpaceCatch entered the Web3 space with the highest industry standards, beating most of its competitors by excellent product delivery, promotion, and community culture and support.

As a great example of professionalism, we recommend checking the SpaceCatch News whitepaper section, where you can see all Devlogs, delivered by developers, showing a current stage of the development and giving an overview of the game itself.

About SpaceCatch

SpaceCatch is the first game of its kind, promising a revolution in the gaming space by integrating augmented reality, geolocation, AI, blockchain support, and NFTs.
This blend allows for a completely new gaming experience, supporting not just a fully free-to-play model but also next-generation play-to-earn and move-to-earn concepts that are fully sustainable.

Centered on AR and VR technology, SpaceCatch has crafted an immersive universe with an enthralling narrative. In this universe, players, known as Catchers, are tasked with restoring peace on Earth after an alien invasion.
The aliens possess diverse powers, presenting a challenging obstacle for Catchers. However, players can enhance their abilities and skills to combat these extraterrestrial adversaries effectively.

With these features, SpaceCatch positions itself among the new generation of GameFi projects with the potential to outperform industry giants like Axie Infinity or Sandbox.

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