APT Jumps 17% After Aptos Labs Announces Partnership With Microsoft 14

APT Jumps 17% After Aptos Labs Announces Partnership With Microsoft

  • Aptos Labs has partnered with Microsoft to offer a new artificial intelligence-enabled chatbot, among other products. 
  • The chatbot will offer data about the Aptos ecosystem and will be powered by Microsoft’s OpenAI.
  • The partnership will see Aptos host validator nodes on Microsoft Azure to efficiently process transactions. 
  • The layer 1 blockchain’s native token APT gained more than 17% following the partnership’s announcement. 

Layer 1 blockchain Aptos Labs has announced a partnership with tech giant Microsoft to leverage each other’s infrastructure and roll out new products. The partnership will also see both firms explore blockchain-based use cases, including asset tokenization, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and digital payment, among others. 

Aptos Assistant: AI-Powered Chatbot for Aptos Ecosystem

According to a report by Fortune, Aptos will collaborate with Microsoft Azure’s OpenAI service to develop an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot similar to OpenAI’s popular ChatGPT. The new chatbot, Aptos Assistant, will help users and developers access data and information about the Aptos ecosystem. 

As part of the partnership, Aptos will run validator nodes on Microsoft Azure for efficient transactions and better security of the network. The layer-1 blockchain will also integrate its programming language, Move, with the Microsoft-owned coding platform GitHub. Move will specifically be integrated with Github’s Copilot, which is an AI-enabled tool that helps developers by auto-completing codes. 

The intersection of AI and blockchain is one of the most interesting combinations of emerging technologies. By fusing Aptos Labs’ technology with the Microsoft Azure Open AI Service capabilities, we aim to democratize the use of blockchain.”

Rashmi Misra, GM of AI & Emerging Tech at Microsoft

Additionally, a team of developers from Aptos will directly collaborate with Microsoft’s AI professionals to train the tech giant’s AI models using Aptos’ verified blockchain information. As part of the partnership, Microsoft will open the door for large financial institutions to explore blockchain solutions with Aptos. 

Mo Sheikh, the Chief Executive of Aptos Labs, stated that the partnership with Microsoft is part of a larger vision between the companies. “We didn’t want to go off onto the side and just hack something together just for the hype of A.I. We wanted that deep integration and co-development,” Sheikh added. 

APT, the native token of the Aptos blockchain, surged more than 17% after news of the partnership with Microsoft broke. At the time of writing, APT was trading at $7.84.