Binance Rolls Out Online Master In Blockchain and Web3 Program 14

Binance Rolls Out Online Master In Blockchain and Web3 Program

  • Binance will launch an online learning program aimed at helping customers understand the crypto industry. 
  • The program has been created in association with Founderz Business School. 
  • It will be available in English and French from February 2023 onwards. 
  • The first 7500 students to enroll will get a special edition NFT. 

The largest crypto exchange in the world has announced the launch of the “Online Master in Blockchain and Web3”. This program has been created in association with Founderz, an online business school that offers digital courses. 

The program will help people from around the world to better understand the crypto industry, how Web3 projects are launched, and the potential of blockchain as a disruptive technology.” 

Binance takes a step towards customer education

Binance revealed this program in a blog post, which stated that it will be available to interested students across the world. The program will be taught in English as well as French. It is scheduled to launch in February next year and marks an important step towards customer education and crypto adoption. According to the announcement, it has already been tested on a group of 1000 participants.

This program will last for three months, but students will have the opportunity to learn at their own pace. As per the official website of Founderz, the program will feature a virtual campus for students to network and attend events. The Online Master in Blockchain and Web3 course is based on a microlearning concept which means that it is suitable for students without a technical background as well. 

The program is set to cost €650, but Binance users who sign up before the end of the year will get a 50% discount. In a bid to attract potential students, the program will also roll out special edition NFTs for the first 7500 students. These NFTs will be minted over the first 3 months of the program and will grant the holders access to exclusive events and program contents.