Do Kwon

Building Decentralized Money Is One Of The Most Important Things That Crypto Has To Solve: Terraform Labs’ Do Kwon

  • In an interview with Laura Shin, founder of Terra Luna Crypto, Do Kwon revealed reasons why he is not disclosing his real location in the media.
  • Do Kwon further shared opinions on his arrogant alter ego persona on Twitter.
  • Kwon later shared how he got carried away while posting things on Twitter during the time when Terra Luna was in full “upswing.”

In a fresh new interview with Laura Shin, Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon was quick to address the rising crypto issues at hand. Kwon noted how his next attempt at creating decentralized money will look a lot “different,” adding that building decentralized money is one of the many things that cryptocurrency should help solve to “work towards a truly decentralized future.”

Do Kwon Clarifies The Reason Why He Is Not Revealing His Location To The Authorities

Do Kwon was the latest guest featured on Laura Shin’s Unchained Podcast. In a video interview posted on October 18 on Youtube, Kwon was noted as giving clarifications on multiple issues that the Terraform Labs founder has encountered as of late.

When asked about whether Do Kwon is still in Singapore, the terraform labs founder stated that he is not revealing his real location in the media primarily for security reasons.

“The main reason why I don’t want to talk about my location in the media is because when the crash happened in May, there were a lot of situations where my personal security was threatened. For instance, people broke into my apartment building, and there were even multiple cases in which they were televised across my home in South Korea as well as my home in Singapore. “Do Kwon told Shin 

In addition, Kwon further admitted how the Terra Luna project was a failure, but it wasn’t a scam as the majority of the people affirm. He later added that the Terra Luna protocol collapsed due to the “protocol’s weakness to respond to the cruelty of the market.”

Furthermore, Kwon was also asked about his arrogant stance on Twitter when Terra Luna was thriving and rallying ahead in terms of valuation. He admitted how he got carried away with “s#itposting.”

“I think I got carried away while interacting with people on crypto Twitter, so like the industry lingo for this is called shi#posting, right, so I think in retrospect I should have helped myself to a sort of a stringent standard, so you know, just because there are anonymous cartoon characters that are, shall we say, more liberal with the words that they are using, does not mean I should have followed suit. ” Kwon told Shin 

Kwon was later questioned about his relationship with Basis Cash, a failed algorithmic stablecoin project, to which he responded that “Basis Cash is not something that I designed or operated. It’s something that I encourage. ” He later stressed how he wasn’t actively associated with the failed project.

After going through several upheavals in the crypto domain, Kwon further shared that he will continue to build “highly experimental projects”, claiming that his next attempt will be to create decentralized money, which may not be a stablecoin or USD pegged cryptocurrency.

“What happened with Terra wasn’t a scam or a fraud, it was a massive market failure, but one thing I want to clarify is that I believed in the need and viability of a decentralized algorithmic stablecoin more than anyone else… so I think the next attempt at creating decentralized money is going to look a lot different, so it might not be a stablecoin or it might not be a dollar-pegged. ” Do Kwon reiterated