Ethereum (ETH) Could Hit $2k in the Next 5 Months - Crypto Analyst 14

Ethereum (ETH) Could Hit $2k in the Next 5 Months – Crypto Analyst


  • Timothy Peterson has forecasted that Ethereum could hit $2k in the next 5 months
  • His analysis is based on Ethereum’s monthly returns since 2015
  • Ethereum’s Google search volume is also at an all-time high
  • ETH has quickly risen to the $1,200 price level and is $200 shy of breaking its all-time high

Bitcoin and crypto analyst Timothy Peterson of Cane Island Alternative Advisors has forecasted that Ethereum could hit $2,000 in the next five months. Mr. Peterson’s analysis of Ethereum is based on ETH’s monthly returns relative to Bitcoin since 2015. He shared his analysis of Ethereum via the following tweet and accompanying heat map demonstrating the aforementioned returns relative to BTC.

Ethereum’s Google Search Volume at An All-time High

Furthermore, the team at Unfolded has identified that Ethereum’s Google search volume has skyrocketed to all-time highs leves since the New Year began. The team shared their observation of Ethereum’s google search volume via the following chart on Twitter. This in turn means that investor interest in Ethereum has risen drastically since ETH broke the $1k price ceiling.

Ethereum (ETH) Could Hit $2k in the Next 5 Months - Crypto Analyst 15

Ethereum Has Kicked off 2021 in High Gear

In terms of price, Ethereum is on a path towards doubling its value since the New Year begun. January 1st found Ethereum trading at $736. At the time of writing, ETH has posted a three-year high of $1,237 signifying a 68% increment in value in a week and since New Years’. With the latter value, Ethereum is now $200 shy of its 2018 all-time high value of $1,432 set in January of 2018.

A quick glance at the Ethereum daily chart reveals that ETH is clearly in overbought territory. However, Bitcoin is also experiencing exponential gains and has just set an all-time high, today January 7th, of $38,679 – Binance rate.

Therefore, if Bitcoin’s current momentum is maintained, Ethereum could very well set a new all-time high in the days to follow. This is based on the fact that Ethereum is highly correlated to Bitcoin. Additionally, the progress of ETH 2.0 has provided further investor confidence as over $2 Billion in Ethereum has been staked since December.

As with all analyses of Ethereum, traders and investors are advised to have an eye out for any sudden market movements by Bitcoin that might ruin the party.