Helium's Wireless Carrier Services Set To Power Solana Saga Crypto Phones 14

Helium’s Wireless Carrier Services Set To Power Solana Saga Crypto Phones

  • Helium Network has announced its partnership with Solana Saga crypto phones.
  • Under the new partnership, Solana Saga phones are all set to be powered by Helium Network’s newly launched 5G carrier services.

Solana’s widely anticipated Solana Saga phone has announced its partnership with newly launched Helium wireless carrier services.

The said collaboration will permit Solana Saga phones to access Helium’s seamless wireless carrier services, which will offer unlimited calling and messaging to users for up to 30 days.

Helium Network x Solana Saga

The founder of Helium Network, Nova Labs, had earlier announced its newest venture, dubbed “Helium Mobile,” with an intention to offer seamless 5G services to its customers residing in the US. The venture is still in its early stages of development and is due to launch in 2023.

As per the new details, the network is all set to expand its base up a notch and has recently announced a new collaboration with Solana Saga, a smartphone built by the Solana blockchain team.

According to a new announcement, the upcoming Solana Saga phones will be powered by Helium carrier service that will permit users to access the network’s newly launched 5G services. The announcement was made at Solana’s Breakpoint Conference in Lisbon earlier today.

Helium Network’s 5G services will also offer a free 30-day trial to its users based in the United States. Under the free trial rule, users will be able to make unlimited calls to their friends and family, followed by the option to send unlimited texts to anyone for a period of 30 days.

In an interview with Decrypt, Helium Network’s representative clarified that users will not be mandated to opt for Helium Network’s 5G services to use their Solana Saga phones; they can also select other carrier services as per their choice and preference.

“Not only will this partnership ultimately drive usage to the Helium Network, but Saga customers who sign up for Helium Mobile will be able to have a seamless and integrated user experience and could earn crypto rewards for using their cell service.” Boris Renski, general manager of Wireless Nova Labs, told Decrypt

The Solana Saga phone is dubbed one of the most widely anticipated smartphone launches of 2023. According to the official statement released by Solana, Saga smartphones will comprise “unique functionality and features tightly integrated with the Solana blockchain, making it easy and secure to transact in Web3 and manage digital assets, such as tokens and NFTs.”

Image: Helium Mobile/Twitter