Tron Founder Justin Sun Lost His Diplomatic Status In 2022 14

Tron Founder Justin Sun Lost His Diplomatic Status In 2022

  • Justin Sun reportedly had his diplomatic status revoked in June last year. 
  • The Tron founder was stripped of his status as Grenada’s ambassador to the World Trade Organisation. 
  • A change in the ruling party of Grenada led to Sun losing his position as ambassador. 

Justin Sun, the man behind the Tron blockchain, was reportedly stripped of his diplomatic status last year. Sun, who has described himself as His Excellency (H.E) in public forums including Twitter, was appointed as Grenada’s permanent ambassador to the World Trade Organization by the country’s government in 2021 to help promote trade, investment, and development opportunities for the country.

Justin Sun still identifies as Grenada’s ambassador to WTO

According to a recent report from the Grenada Broadcasting Network, the 2022 general elections in Grenada resulted in the ousting of the ruling party, the New National Party. The New National Party’s government had appointed Justin Sun as the country’s permanent ambassador in 2021. As the ambassador, Sun was expected to support the development of human resources, infrastructure, and information and communication technology for Grenada.

When the National Democratic Congress came to power in June 2022, Sun was stripped of his ambassadorship.  The National Democratic Congress government has reportedly recalled all ambassadors in the nine months that they have been in power. 

Tron Founder Justin Sun Lost His Diplomatic Status In 2022 15

Justin Sun has often publicly flexed his diplomatic status, including his self-styling as His Excellency. His Twitter bio reads “His Excellency Mr. Justin Sun, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Permanent Representative of Grenada to the WTO.” Interestingly, the Tron founder did not update his bio after losing his diplomatic status and continues to refer to himself as the ambassador to the WTO. 

GBN’s report comes after days of speculation regarding Sun’s diplomatic status. A number of rumors on social media claimed that the Tron founder no longer had his ambassadorship. Justin Sun was recently charged by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with fraud, market manipulation, and violation of U.S. securities laws.