Justin Sun: Tron is the Most Energy Efficient Network for Transactions 14

Justin Sun: Tron is the Most Energy Efficient Network for Transactions

  • Justin Sun has pitched Tron to Elon Musk as being the most energy-efficient network for blockchain and crypto transactions
  • Mr. Sun has pointed out that Tron uses less than 1% of Bitcoin’s energy consumption
  • Tron settles over $10 Billion daily and USDT on Tron is very liquid with a market cap of over $30 Billion
  • USDT on Tron would be the perfect alternative for car payments to Tesla

The founder and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, has reached out to Elon Musk requesting that he consider accepting Tron-based digital assets for vehicle purchases at Tesla. Mr. Sun’s request was in response to Elon Musk announcing that Tesla would no longer be accepting Bitcoin for car payments due to the environmental impact of BTC mining.

In his elaborate request via Twitter, Justin Sun explained that he too shared Elon Musk’s concern that cryptocurrency transactions should not be at the expense of the environment. Mr. Sun went on to point out that Tron (TRX) was one of the most energy-efficient blockchain networks around. He explained:

The great news is at TRON, we’ve built the most energy efficient network for blockchain & crypto transactions w/ precisely way less than 1% of #Bitcoin’s energy burn!

Over $10 Billion Settled Daily on Tron

The CEO of Tron went on to point out that the Tron network settles roughly $10 billion in crypto payments per day. Furthermore, USDT on Tron would be the perfect fit for Tesla when accepting payments for car purchases.

He pointed out that the stablecoin’s low transaction fees and quick settlement would be ideal for Tesla customers when compared to using Bitcoin or Ethereum. In terms of liquidity, Justin Sun pointed out that more than half of USDT’s circulating supply is on Tron.

His exact statement can be found below.

There’s no better alternative than USDT on TRON, for its superior attributes on energy efficiency & liquidity. Additionally, its low transaction cost (20c per transfer) would bring enormous savings to consumers compared w/ other cryptos of choice such as BTC and ETH.

Justin Sun concluded his Twitter thread by offering to answer any additional questions that Elon Musk might have about Tron and its ecosystem.