New Tip Bot Could Introduce Nano (NANO) to 1.6B WhatsApp Users 15

New Tip Bot Could Introduce Nano (NANO) to 1.6B WhatsApp Users

Members of WhatsApp groups can now tip each other in NANO coin thanks to TheNanoBot.

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In brief:

  • The Crypto communities on WhatsApp can now tip each other using the NANO Tipbot.
  • The tip bot provides an avenue for members of WhatsApp groups to reward each other on the messaging App.
  • The tip bot has the potential of introducing the feeless digital asset to WhatsApp’s 1.6 Billion global users.

Crypto adoption is often seen as the last hurdle necessary in bringing digital assets to the mainstream. With a total market capitalization of approximately $262 Billion, cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy and daily usage through tipping is one way of making digital assets as commonplace as regular banknotes. There is no better way of bringing digital assets to the masses than through tipping in popular messaging apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp. In the case of the latter application, users can now tip each other in Nano (NANO) thanks to a new bot dubbed TheNanoBot.

TheNanoBot Brings Nano (NANO) to Over 1.6B WhatsApp Users

TheNanoBot is an easy to use tipping bot that can be added to any group chat on WhatsApp. This, in turn, means that WhatsApp’s over 1.6 Billion active global users, can now send each other NANO through TheNanoBot. (Twitter users can also find the bot via its username: @The_Nano_Bot


New Tip Bot Could Introduce Nano (NANO) to 1.6B WhatsApp Users 16
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How to Get Started with TheNanoBot on WhatsApp

All you have to do to get started is to follow the simple steps below.

  • To begin with, open your WhatsApp messaging app.
  • Send !help to +44 7451 226108 as can be seen in the screenshot below.

New Tip Bot Could Introduce Nano (NANO) to 1.6B WhatsApp Users 17

  • The bot will then provide you with a list of command prompts to use to navigate through its functions.
  • !register – is the first command necessary to create your wallet.
  • !claim – is for people new to NANO and will allow you to use it like a faucet.
  • !price – this command provides the realtime price of 1 NANO
  • !wallet – shows you your tipbot wallet address.
  • !balance – shows your balance.
  • !send – is the basic command for sending or withdrawing funds from your NANO wallet.
  • !tip – is for tipping in groups via the following command: !tip amount @person. You can also tip directly from the bot using !tip amount @number.
  • !donate – allows you to automatically donate 0.01 NANO from your wallet to the built-in faucet.

(Feature image courtesy of NANO.)