Ripple Onboards The Next Generation Of NFT Creators To Leverage Its XRP Ledger  14

Ripple Onboards The Next Generation Of NFT Creators To Leverage Its XRP Ledger 

  • Ripple has announced a second wave of creators that have joined its newly launched Ripple Creators Fund.
  • The fund was initially launched to deliver financial and technical assistance to budding NFT creator platforms.

Blockchain giant Ripple is onboarding its second wave of creators to join its recently launched Ripple Creator Fund. According to the official press release statement, Ripple’s creator fund is set to sponsor a new list of partners to bolster the development of NFTs on XRPL.

Ripple Creators Fund Is Sponsoring the Second Wave Of New Entertainment Creators.

According to a newly released press statement, Ripple is all set to sponsor its second wave of creators. The newly onboarded partners list “is focused on entertainment NFT projects and aims to unlock new tokenization use cases on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).”

With web3 and the entertainment industry paving the way for the world to experiment and explore, Ripple is all set to sponsor fresh talent through its creator’s fund, which will help the firm to unlock the potential of XRPL. The fund aims to sponsor new-age entertainment creators that can help the firm build “functional use cases for gaming, music, media, and the metaverse on the XRPL.”

“From a streaming music show in Japan to a marketplace for sports clubs to a daily podcast covering crypto news, these projects all leverage the XRPL’s inherent speed, cost, and sustainability advantages as well as its coming NFT capabilities like built-in royalty structures and co-ownership.” The press release statement later adds

The fund was initially unveiled in April 2022, with the intention of promoting NFT project developments on the XRP Ledger. With the rollout of the fund’s second phase, several new platforms will be joining the Ripple creators fund bandwagon to leverage XRPL’s cost-effective blockchain mechanism to build credible new projects.

The fund plays a crucial role in providing the necessary financial, creative, and technical support to all budding NFT platforms and later helps them in building utilitarian NFT projects. The fund is described as a sort of assistance to NFT creators that can help “creators bring their projects to life on the XRPL, stretch the bounds of what’s possible, and explore new use cases for NFTs.”

“Ripple’s Creator Fund is a $250 million commitment to fostering innovation in tokenization, facilitating the creation of functional NFTs on the XRPL in arenas like real estate, media, carbon credits, and more.” The press statement later adds

Metaverse platform 9Level9 will be joining the fund’s second wave as an artist alongside Aniefie, Capital Block, Cross Metaverse Avatars, NFT Masters, SYFR Projects, and Thinking Crypto.

Despite being embroiled in a heated debate with the US SEC, Ripple is consistently bolstering efforts to experiment with its XRP Ledger and enhance its tokenomics to help establish credible market momentum.