Sorare All Set To Partner With Major League Baseball To Launch An NFT Based Fantasy Game 11

Sorare All Set To Partner With Major League Baseball To Launch An NFT Based Fantasy Game

  • Popular soccer NFT card game Sorare is launching a new NFT-based baseball fantasy game this summer. 
  • The new game will be launched soon in association with Major League Baseball. 

Sorare, which is the leading NFT soccer-based platform, is preparing to explore a new gaming genre by announcing its association with Major League Baseball (MLB) to launch a new NFT baseball fantasy game. 

Sorare further announced that it has signed deals with Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association to launch a new NFT fantasy game based on the US league. 

Sorare To Launch A New Baseball NFT Game

Slated to release this summer, the game is set to feature NFTs representing different major league gaming players. The game will enable users to create their teams, enter tournaments & competitions, and collect new NFT cards which will be tradable through multiple crypto exchanges. 

As per the official announcement, the new baseball fantasy game will “introduce a new way of interacting with baseball” enabling users to establish connections with global baseball fans and gaming enthusiasts. 

With the new game launch, Sorare intends to merge the real-world baseball experience with gaming by enabling users to create the best teams representing major league baseball players. The game will also allow players to forge new connections with the global baseball community and clubs. 

Speaking about Sorare teaming up with MLB, Commissioner of Baseball Robert D. Manfred, Jr further stated:

“The connections we build with our fans are vital and Sorare understands the importance of that bond. The company’s focus on transforming fandom through an innovative combination of sports, technology, and gaming to let fans truly own a piece of the game they love is unique and goes beyond borders – allowing us to bring the love of baseball to more fans across the globe.”

Lauded for its unique gaming concept, Sorare has amassed a significant fan following and intends to bring communities together through immersive gaming experiences. 

“Sorare has built a new baseball gaming experience that will excite fans by collecting Players’ NFTs, building winning lineups, and competing against baseball fans all over the world…We are very excited about our partnership and the effect Sorare’s first foray into North American sports will have on the growth of our game globally.” as stated by Tony Clarke, Executive Director of Major League Baseball Players Association.

The announcement further outlined the dynamic success of the company, highlighting how Sorare has seen rapid growth since its inception and possesses a global fan base of nearly 1.8 million followers. In collaboration with MLB, the company seeks to expand its user base and “grow its young and digitally native audience further in the US with MLB. “

Image Courtesy: Sorare/Twitter