The Nifty Way Galaxy NFTs For Sale 14

The Nifty Way Galaxy NFTs For Sale

New NFT project, The Nifty Way Galaxy, aims to create a new and exclusive world composed of thousands of aliens. This project will reward owners with rare collections, merchandise and more.

The Nifty Way Galaxy, a new NFT project, announced that a limited number of their collection is for sale. The project is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs hosted on the ETH Blockchain.

The Nifty Way Galaxy project has a goal to create a new and exclusive world where NFT enthusiasts can be part of a civilization composed by thousands of aliens with unique personalities and characteristics. Owners of the project will be connected by the creative and unique artwork. Project owners will receive limited – rare NFT collections and merchandise, surprise airdrops, engaging and interactive activities, mystery quests, ETH prizes and more exciting perks of ownership.

The Nifty Way Galaxy tokens are highly detailed pieces of art. Each of the works of art features an extraterrestrial, cartoon – style design. The creators of the project describe the “Nifties” as aliens who are big fans of the human race’s culture and now they are trying their best to dress and behave like people, which is reflected in the token’s design. In the future, the project is planning a new collection using the same models, but with new updates like 3D designs, and more.

The project follows a strict timeline of management from it’s team of 30. Beginning with the launch of their website and social media, the company launched the initial Nifties at 0.07 ETH with a second wave available at 0.09 ETH after those are sold. The company also announced a $300,000 giveaway at an exclusive event for Nifty holders before the next phases of the project.

Currently, the project is strong in the Latin American community, especially in the Venezuelan community. The project started with 10,000 tokens with many already sold. The remaining Nifty Way Galaxy NFTs are available through the wallets Metamask and Binance using Ethereum and Tether. For more information on the project, visit