Tron (TRX) Partners with WAVES to Enhance DeFi in Both Ecosystems 14

Tron (TRX) Partners with WAVES to Enhance DeFi in Both Ecosystems

Quick take:

  • The Tron (TRX) and Waves projects have announced a strategic partnership. 
  • The partnership will enhance inter-chain communication between the two networks. 
  • Key to the partnership is the use of Gravity, an Oracles and Cross-Chain Communication network. 
  • Gravity will connect the two blockchains and play a major role in enhancing DeFi in both networks. 

Earlier today, the blockchain projects of Waves (WAVES) and Tron (TRX) announced a strategic partnership that will establish a bridge between the two networks through the use of Gravity. The latter is an Oracle and Cross-Chain communication network that is token-agnostic. This means that the two blockchains of Tron and Waves can be connected as explained below.

Waves and TRON are using Gravity to connect their respective blockchains’ smart contract languages: Ride and Solidity.

Gravity is a blockchain and token-agnostic oracle with a cross-chain communication network. TRON and Waves are establishing a bridge through Gravity which will allow both ecosystems to enhance access to services for two userbases.

Integration of Waves with Tron Will Lead to Growth of Both

Key to the bridge between Tron and Waves using Gravity is that users and developers will interact with both ecosystems thus increasing interactions between the two userbases. Consequently, both Tron and Waves will thrive together. The Use of Gravity Will Enhance DeFi in Both Ecosystems as summarized in the Tweet below by the Tron foundation.

Furthermore, the teams at Tron and Waves have elaborated on how DeFi projects in both ecosystems will benefit from the use of Gravity.

TRX, BTT, JST and other TRC-20 tokens such as TRON-USDT will be available on the Waves blockchain via seamless decentralized gateways (Gravity swap) and automatically listed on Waves’ DEXes

WAVES, USDN, NSBT, WEST and other tokens of the Waves ecosystem will be available on the TRON blockchain via Gravity and automatically listed on TRON’s DEXes and DeFi services.

TRON and Waves’ dApp developers will be able to use data feed services of Gravity oracles.

Seamless $TRON-USDT <-> $USDN swaps services will be introduced.

Developers from both ecosystems will be able to create modern cross-chain dApps which will work in both chains (capable of being expanded to other chains via Gravity) via wallets and browser extensions preferred by users.