VeChain Onboards Amazon Web Services For Blockchain Carbon Management


  • VeChain and Amazon have signed a partnership geared toward blockchain-based carbon management services.
  • The deal exists between VeCarbon and Amazon Web Services, the company’s cloud computing division.
  • Amazon will provide technology to scale up operations to a national and continent level, per details of the agreement.
  • This could also help the blockchain developer comply with carbon emissions targets set by China in 2020.
  • Offsetting carbon footprints remains a hot topic in the blockchain industry. 

VeChain announced a strategic partnership with Amazon aimed at leveraging cloud computing and blockchain technology in a bid to bolster carbon management services, scale operations, and meet established targets set by authorities in China.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has signed as a technology partner to VeCarbon, a dedicated outfit backed by  Shanghai Tanlian Technology Co., Ltd.

VeChain launched in 2015 as a private consortium blockchain network. The Foundation later unveiled the VeCahinThor public chain with smart contract operability and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility. 

Real-world solutions like carbon emissions and supply chain concerns supposedly formed the focus of the public chain.

China then established tight carbon emissions policies in September 2020 with a 2060 carbon neutrality goal in mind. The target compelled companies to rethink their carbon footprint strategy and leverage disruptive technology toward this effect.

VeCarbon emerged a few months after in 2021 as a working solution to carbon management demands and policies.

VeChain’s VeCarbon: A One-Stop Carbon Management SaaS System  

Backed by The VeChain Foundation and Shanghai Tanlian Technology Co., Ltd., VerCarbon operates as a self-developed one-stop shot for carbon management services. The platform leverages technology and independent research to serve industries as they move toward a carbon-neutral ecosystem.

According to Monday’s announcement, the deal with AWS should help power these efforts and scale up operations to a national range, and possibly across continents.

Two key areas where AWS could improve VeCarbon’s service include cost optimization and security. Head of Sustainability Business Gong Diyun these two areas formed a large part of the decision to onboard AWS technology. 

The diverse services provided by AWS can be used on demand, and be flexibly adjusted according to business needs. This method not only helps us reduce business expenses and negates the need for industry customers invest in expensive fixed assets, but it can be deployed in an off-the-shelf manner.