Voyager Digital Customer Data Hacked Amid Bankruptcy Process, VGX Down 10% 14

Voyager Digital Customer Data Hacked Amid Bankruptcy Process, VGX Down 10%

  • Defunct crypto lender Voyager Digital has become the target of a scam amid its bankruptcy proceedings.
  • The scams were designed to extract data from Voyager’s customers who were awaiting repayment from the firm. 
  • Law enforcement agencies and bankruptcy officials are investigating the scams. 
  • The platform’s native token VGX lost more than 10% of its value following the latest development. 

A scam targeting stranded customers of <a href="http://<!– wp:paragraph –> <p>According to <a href="">Voyager Digital</a> lawyer Darren Azman, the available amount represented nearly 80% of the funds that were available for the bankruptcy payout process. The scam reportedly occurred during the court-supervised liquidation process as the customers were being paid out. </p> Voyager Digital has become the latest development in the defunct crypto lender’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. The customers were reportedly hit with scams as they attempted to access the bankruptcy payouts on the recently opened platform. 

Scammers Used Fake Websites To Target Voyager Digital’s Customers

Voyager Digital recently reopened its app to allow its customers to view the payout amount that they were eligible for and withdraw the same. The firm’s customers, who had been stranded since July last year, had a 30-day window to withdraw approximately $490 million worth of Voyager’s remaining assets, Bloomberg reported. 

During a recent court hearing, Azman told the judge overseeing the bankruptcy proceedings that the scams were designed to gain access to the digital wallets of customers who accessed Voyager’s platform to retrieve funds. As per the lawyer, the scammers set up fake websites that lured the customers in by offering higher payouts to those who linked their non-Voyager crypto wallet to a new account offered by the. The wallets were drained once the customer signed up for the new account. 

It’s disgraceful. I don’t know what to say. After everything these folks have been through.”

US Bankruptcy Judge Michael Wiles

The Voyager Digital lawyer stated that the scammers had managed to steal funds from very few customers so far. Law enforcement agencies and bankruptcy officials overseeing Voyager’s liquidation are looking into the scams. The platform’s native token, VGX, has lost over 10% of its value over the past 24 hours. At the time of writing, VGX was trading at $0.17.