zkSync Mainnet All Set To Launch in October, Potential Airdrop Inbound

  • zkSync 2.0 is set to launch on October 28, and the team also revealed a public roadmap in the announcement.
  • The launch will bring multiple upgrades, including web3 compatibility, supporting Solidity and Vyper, more streamlined porting, and lower gas fees.
  • Crypto community members have been speculating that there will be an airdrop for a native token, though this has not been confirmed yet.

zkSync 2.0 is all set to launch on October 28, with Matter Labs announcing that it will launch to the mainnet in 100 days. The team also revealed the roadmap for the effort, which explains the individual stages that will take place until the mainnet launch.

The effort is currently in the final stages of the testnet, with dynamic fees among the tasks that need to be completed. Some of the features of zkSync 2.0 include being EVM and web3 compatible, supporting Solidity and Vyper, more streamlined porting, and lower gas fees, among other things. Currently, users can trade on zkSync on the alpha testnet.

There has been some discussion on social media as to whether there will be an airdrop for a native token. The zkSynch tokenomics page online says that there will be a native token, so it’s clear that there will be an asset that users can trade with.

zkSync FAQ
The team confirming a token on its FAQ page: zkSync

However, what’s unclear is whether there will be an airdrop to accompany the developments. Crypto analysts and enthusiasts have been speculating in the affirmative regarding this, saying that wallets that remained active during previous phases of zkSynch are eligible for the airdrop.

Nevertheless, that remains speculation, though it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. A token would certainly gain the attention of the crypto market and could do very well.

How Would Users Be Eligible for zkSync Airdrops?

There are several protocols that have been built on top of zkSync, which might make users eligible for the potential airdrop. The community is speculating that a snapshot could be taken that would keep a record of all the users who have been active on the network.

There are also several protocols built on top of zkSynch, which may be conducting airdrops. One of these is Orbiter Finance, which is a cross-rollup bridge that can be used to bridge across different blockchains. Another platform is Phezzan Protocol, a perpetual DEX on zkSync 2.0. All of these protocols are conducting airdrops which users can take advantage of if they are active.

Phezzan Protocol’s roadmap hinting a possible airdrop: Phezzan

Airdrops have been making the headlines recently, most notably the ETHW token and the Optimism token. These free token drops to active users have also been popular, and even major DEXs like Uniswap have conducted airdrops. They are a popular way to reward active users and expand the network going at the same time.