Bakkt to Launch its Bitcoin (BTC) & Crypto Mobile App This Summer 14

Bakkt to Launch its Bitcoin (BTC) & Crypto Mobile App This Summer

The Bakkt mobile app is now open for sign ups for exclusive updates and early access.

In brief:

  • Bakkt has onboarded over 70 institutional investors onto its warehouse custody solutions. 
  • Bakkt President, Adam White, hinted that the Bakkt Mobile App will be launched soon. 
  • Bakkt’s CEO had mentioned a Summer launch for the Mobile App. 

One of the core goals of Bakkt is to bring digital assets mainstream. In a summary update of the achievements of the firm earlier today, the President of Bakkt, Adam White, highlighted that it had unlocked digital assets for more than 70 institutional investors. The Bakkt Warehouse now provides regulated Bitcoin (BTC) custody solutions for these firms in addition to supporting the delivery of Bitcoin futures and options contracts.

Adam White Hints at Bakkt Launching its Highly-Anticipated Mobile App Soon

Additionally, Mr. White pointed out that retail investors can now sign up for exclusive updates and early access to the Bakkt Mobile app by visiting He explained that the yet-to-be-launched mobile app would unlock the value of digital assets for consumers, merchants, and institutions.

Possible Launch this Summer

His statements echoed what Bakkt’s CEO, Mike Blandina, explained in a Medium post back in mid-March regarding the firm’s dedication in onboarding as many retail investors as possible through the Bakkt mobile App. He went on to express his optimism that the Bakkt Mobile App will be available as early as this Summer.

Bakkt gives users control over their digital assets. Whether it’s miles from your favorite airline, loyalty points from the local grocery store, or bitcoin you’ve purchased, the Bakkt app enables you to aggregate all of these assets into a single digital wallet.

In just a few taps you can use those assets to shop at your favorite merchants, send them to family and friends, or convert them to cash. We believe that you hold more value than you realize and we’re here to help you track, spend, and send your digital assets however you want.

I’m excited at our potential to unlock nearly $1 trillion of digital assets when the Bakkt app launches this summer.