Binance Smart Chain's Top 5 Dapps Exceed 283k Active Wallets in 1 Week 14

Binance Smart Chain’s Top 5 Dapps Exceed 283k Active Wallets in 1 Week


  • The top 5 Dapps on the Binance Smart chain have exceeded 283k in unique active wallets
  • Binance Smart Chain Now hosts 63.63 million unique addresses
  • Binance Coin (BNB) has hit a new all-time high of $439 with no signs of slowing down

The top 5 decentralized applications on the Binance Smart Chain have reached over 283,430 unique active wallets in the last week. This is according to data shared by the team at DappRadar which also named the 5 Dapps as Pancake Swap, Smooth Swap, Pancake Bunny, Soteria Finance and Autofarm. The list can be found in the following infographic courtesy of DappRadar.

Binance Smart Chain's Top 5 Dapps Exceed 283k Active Wallets in 1 Week 15

Pancake Swap Did Nearly 900k Transactions in a Day

In particular, Pancake Swap handled a record-breaking 900k transactions yesterday, April 8th, with the team sharing the achievement through the following tweet. To note is that the 900k transactions are 400k shy of Ethereum’s total transactions in the same time period of 1.3 million.

Binance Smart Chain Now Hosts over 63.63 Million Unique Addresses

Activity on the Binance Smart Chain has been growing at a parabolic rate with the blockchain network now hosting 63.63 million unique addresses.

For comparison purposes, the Binance Smart Chian only hosted roughly 20k unique addresses at the beginning of the year. Doing the math, unique addresses on the Binance Smart Chain have grown by a factor of 3,181.5x in 2021 alone.

Binance Coin Sets a New All-time High, Shows no Signs of Slowing Down

The impressive growth of the Binance Smart Chain has had a positive effect on the value of Binance Coin (BNB). The digital asset has just set an all-time high value of $439 with BNB showing little signs of slowing down.

As earlier pointed out, the team at Binance is scheduled to announce the latest BNB coin burn and the event will most likely have a positive effect on the thriving digital asset. Binance Coin (BNB) still has some positive fundamentals to keep propelling it to higher highs in the short term.

However, as with all parabolic moves, crypto traders are cautioned against overleveraging their BNB long positions. Precaution is advised as the daily BNB/USDT chart is clearly in overbought territory and a correction is very much in the pipeline. Therefore, trading on spot markets or using low leverage is advised when longing BNB henceforth.