Chainlink (LINK) Will Face the SEC Next After Ripple - Zeus Capital 15

Chainlink (LINK) Will Face the SEC Next After Ripple – Zeus Capital

Quick take:

  • Zeus Capital believes that the SEC will go after Chainlink and its founder next
  • Zeus Capital also questions Chainlink’s numerous partnerships and suggests that the project is a direct beneficiary of the Flash loan phenomenon in DeFi
  • Zeus Capital has a running $100k rewards program for information on Chainlink’s questionable practices

The team at Zeus Capital has used the ongoing SEC lawsuit against Ripple, to highlight that ChainLink (LINK) and its founders will soon face a similar fate. Zeus Capital made the prediction via the following statement.

$XRP down more than 15% already and the show hasn’t started yet. Who’s next? Hint: something more centralized, millions of dollars in useless tokens every single week.

The statement by Zeus Capital was in response to a Tweet by Tone Vays in which he pointed out that ‘XRP has been a security from day one’ and that the team at Ripple has known all along. Tone Vays also likened the XRP army to being ‘brain dead’. Below is a screenshot of both tweets by Zeus Capital and Tone Vays.

Chainlink (LINK) Will Face the SEC Next After Ripple - Zeus Capital 16

Sergey Nazarov Will Face a Fate Similar to Ripple

Popular crypto personality, Anthony Pompliano, also chimed in on the situation between Ripple and the SEC. According to Mr. Pompliano, Ripple carried out an unregistered securities offering and thought they could get away with it. The team at Zeus Capital responded to his tweet by hinting that Chainlink and its founders are sailing on the same boat as Ripple. Below are both tweets by Anthony Pompliano and Zeus Capital.

Chainlink a Direct Beneficiary of Flash Loans in DeFi

In a previous twitter thread, Zeus Capital went on to accuse Chainlink and Sergey of being the direct beneficiaries of the Flash Loan phenomenon in DeFi. According to Zeus, the Flash loans in DeFi were intentionally created in a manner similar to how Big Pharma has been linked to new viruses.

The explosive growth of DeFi gave rise to a new kind of exploit: the oracle attack. Hundreds of millions were stolen via Flash Loans. Yet, the prime beneficiary weren’t the hackers but @Chainlink, which added billions to its MarketCap cashing on investors’ fear and misery…

The conspiracy says pharma comps create viruses, so they can sell their products. Chainlink’s mascot openly brags they’ve been involved in DeFi exploits, presumably stealing millions to add billions in MarCap. Seems the nascent industry falls victim to a greedy, toxic group.

$43k Still Available in Rewards for Information About Chainlinks Illicit Activities

Back in November, Zeus Capital launched a $100k rewards program geared towards gathering information on Chainlink’s illicit activities. According to the team at Zeus, $57k has already been awarded with $43k is still up for grabs.

In conclusion, Zeus Capital believes that Chainlink will ultimately be classified as a security by the SEC and its founders prosecuted.