D. Costa, J. Rodríguez to Feature in ZIL's Football NFT Collection 14

D. Costa, J. Rodríguez to Feature in ZIL’s Football NFT Collection

  • Zilliqa will be launching a football NFT Collection on June 6th
  • It will include 10 global football stars including Diego Costa and James Rodríguez
  • The football NFT collection will be in partnership with Polaris Sports
  • Buyers of the NFTs will also have a chance at winning signed merchandise by each player

Zilliqa (ZIL) has partnered with the leading athlete commercial rights representation firm of Polaris Sports to mint, release and sell NFTs of the following 10 global football stars.

  1. Diego Costa – former Chelsea and Atlético Madrid striker
  2. James Rodríguez – Everton F.C and Colombia national team midfielder
  3. Pepe – Porto team captain and Portugal national team center-back
  4. Keylor Navas – Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper
  5. Radamel “El Tigre” Falcao – Galatasaray forward and Colombia national team captain
  6. Diogo Jota – Liverpool F.C. and Portugal national team forward
  7. João Félix – Atlético Madrid and Portugal national team forward
  8. Raúl Jiménez – Wolverhampton Wanderers and Mexico national team forward
  9. Renato Sanches – Lille and Portugal national team midfielder
  10. Rúben Dias – Manchester City F.C. and Portugal national team center-back

In addition to NFTs of the 10 players, Zilliqa and Polaris Sports will offer a SUPERPACK which will be a single collectible featuring all the 10 football stars. The superpack will also include digital card NFTs specially autographed by the 10 players.

A Breakdown of Each Player’s Zilliqa NFT Collection

Each player’s NFT will be offered as individual Football star packs available in the three colors of gold, copper and steel. Each color variation will have 111 such packs with a total of 333 NFT packs for each player.

Each of the NFT packs will be sold for $3,500. Within the 333 NFT packs of each player, five buyers will potentially receive a signed jersey from the respective individual player. Additionally, one buyer will have a chance of potentially winning signed boots or gloves of the respective player on which the NFT is based.

The SUPERPACK will be sold for $20,000 and limited to 999 copies in the three aforementioned colors equally distributed. 3 buyers of the superpack will have a chance at virtually meeting three players and five buyers will potentially receive signed jerseys from all 10 players featured in the NFT collection.