Eosfinex by Bitfinex Inches Closer to an EOS Mainnet Launch 14

Eosfinex by Bitfinex Inches Closer to an EOS Mainnet Launch

In brief:

  • Eosfinex has entered the Beta testing phase of its mainnet. 
  • The team is looking for beta testers who will get early access to all the Eosfinex trading features and Bitfinex liquidity. 
  • Once launched, Eosfinex will cater to the EOS ecosystem.

The team behind Eosfinex has announced that the project is in the final stage of its Mainnet launch. For the final step before a public launch, Eosfinex is looking for Beta Mainnet testers who will get early access to the trading features of the platform as well as the liquidity provided by Bitfinex. The team made the announcement via the following tweet.

Beta Testing Limited to Key EOS Community Members

Furthermore, the team explained that the Beta testers of Eosfinix will assist in polishing the platform by identifying bugs and areas of improvement. However, access to the Beta testing program is currently limited to key EOS community members. They include:

  • Community leaders
  • Podcasters, bloggers and other EOS content creators
  • Members of EOS businesses
  • EOS experts

More on Eosfinix by Bitfinex

In February of 2018, the team at Bitfinex announced that they will be building a high-performance decentralized exchange on the EOS.io platform. Just like the Ethereum based Bitfinex version of Ethfinex (now DiversiFi), Eosfinex combines the scalability of the EOS blockchain with Bitfinex’s industry-leading crypto exchange that is designed to be fast, transparent and created with the user in mind.

Eosfinex plans on accomplishing this goal by providing access to the Bitfinex markets from the security of an EOS non-custodial wallet. To further promote the platform, users of Eosfinex can earn a base of 26% commission in trading fees. The commissions stretch up to three degrees of the user’s network.

Furthermore, the platform aims at partnering with the best projects in the EOS ecosystem.

Eosfinex sees a bright future for EOSIO technology and is dedicated to partnering with the best projects in EOS to build that future.

In the coming months, there will be integrations with EOS projects, support for more wallets, the introduction of new products and features designed to equip traders and investors with the tools they need to develop and track their strategies and the listing of other major assets such as Ethereum and bitcoin, will make liquid non-custodial trading of the world’s most popular digital assets possible for the first time.