Do Kwon
Terraform Labs Founder & CEO Do Kwon

Terra Founder Do Kwon Refuses To Give Up Despite New Allegations Mounting Against Him

  • A recent report by Bloomberg reveals that Do Kwon might be living in Europe.
  • A new crypto allegation is plaguing Do Kwon, insinuating that Kwon may have manipulated the price of Luna before its collapse.

Despite being embroiled in an array of legal allegations and accusations, Luna crypto founder Do Kwon is defiantly protecting himself, which may later land him in additional trouble.

South Korean prosecutors have shared new details about Terraform Labs’ founder, Do Kwon. Per the latest report by Bloomberg, Terra’s crypto founder may have found refuge in Europe after denying allegations of being a runaway.

Legal Disputes Are Heating Up Against Terra Founder Do Kwon

Do Kwon was recently accused of allegedly manipulating the price of Terra Luna before the crypto token’s crash in May. The new development has led the South Korean prosecutors to bolster their investigation against Terra founder Do Kwon.

The South Korean prosecutors issued a new statement on Friday, sharing that the allegations against Do Kwon that are pointing towards the alleged manipulation of tokens are “not false” and that they are currently in the process of examining the material available to derive a possible conclusion.

According to Bloomberg, the prosecutors claim that they have obtained potential chat histories implying Kwon’s involvement in the alleged price manipulation of Luna tokens.

The Luna crypto crash of May was dubbed one of the worst crypto crashes in history, which cumulatively wiped billions of dollars of crypto funds out of the market.

The report also outlines how TerraForm Labs’ Do Kwon might be living in Europe after claiming that he was earlier living in Singapore.

The South Korean authorities have left no stone unturned to arrest Do Kwon and prosecute him based on his involvement in the Luna crypto collision. As per the local news outlet KBS, Do Kwon’s passport has already been invalidated, and the infamous “Red Notice” has also been issued by Interpol in a bid to capture Do Kwon.

Kwon Wants To Arrange A Conference

Despite a flurry of severe allegations mounting against Kwon, the Terra Crypto founder tweeted a series of comprehensive statements on Thursday, denying the fact that he is on the run

Kwon took to Twitter to announce that he would like to arrange a conference with the authorities to get over “this hiding BS.”

“For those of you that have been spreading falsehood on the taxpayers’ dime, you are invited with VIP honors; we will even pay for your plane ticket.” “Show up if you dare,” Kwon tweeted.

In his latest interview with Laura Shin, Kwon vehemently denied being on the run and later shared how the primary reason for him not to disclose his location was purely for security reasons.

“The main reason why I don’t want to talk about my location in the media is because when the crash happened in May, there were a lot of situations where my personal security was threatened.” “For instance, people broke into my apartment building, and there were even multiple cases in which they were televised across my home in South Korea as well as my home in Singapore.” Do Kwon told Shin