Zilliqa-ETH Bridge is Now Live on Testnet, Community Testing Now Open 14

Zilliqa-ETH Bridge is Now Live on Testnet, Community Testing Now Open

  • Zilliqa’s bridge to Ethereum is now live on Testnet
  • Beta testing of the bridge is now open to the Zilliqa and Ethereum communities
  • The team at Zilliqa is providing incentives for community feedback with suggestions
  • ZIL/USDT is however still in bearish territory amidst an uncertain Bitcoin

The highly anticipated bridge between the Zilliqa and Ethereum networks is now live on Testnet. The launch of the testnet version of the Zilliqa-Ethereum bridge was made public by the President of Zilliqa, Amrit Kummer, through the following Tweet.

Zilliqa and Ethereum Communities Invited to Test Drive the Bridge, Offer Feedback

Mr. Kummer went on to thank the teams at Switchoe Network, Zil Swap and Poly Network for their efforts in creating the ZIL-ETH bridge that is now undergoing testing before the final launch.

Also worth mentioning is that the crypto communities within the Zilliqa and Ethereum ecosystems are also invited to test drive the bridge that is located at https://zilswap.io/bridge.

The team at Zilliqa went on to add that there will be rewards available between the 8th and 22nd of this month for valuable feedback and suggestions. The team at Zilliqa made public their rewards program through the following message on their Telegram channel.

Start using the much-awaited bridge and share your feedback on UX/UI and tech in exchange for exciting $ZIL Rewards from 8-22 July. Reward pool worth US$5000!

Feedback Form: https://forms.gle/SeUHjA1ySAZs6GQYA. Remember to be as specific as possible with your comments and suggestions. Happy Bridging!

Zilliqa (ZIL) Remains in Bearish Territory Amidst a Weakening Bitcoin

With respect to price action, the news of the testnet launch of the Zilliqa-Ethereum bridge did not have the anticipated bullish knee-jerk reaction for ZIL in the crypto markets. ZIL’s price failing to react positively to the announcement can be linked to two reasons.

Firstly, Bitcoin has lost the crucial $33k support and is currently trading at $32,500 in what looks like a path towards $30k in the days to follow. The dip by Bitcoin has thus affected Zilliqa and all altcoins.

Secondly, Zilliqa is still trading below the 200-day moving average after undergoing a death cross in late June. Consequently, the daily ZIL/USDT chart below still hints at the situation either staying the same or getting worse for Zilliqa in the crypto markets.

Zilliqa-ETH Bridge is Now Live on Testnet, Community Testing Now Open 15