Zilliqa is Building a Bridge to Ethereum, Testing to Begin in July 14

Zilliqa is Building a Bridge to Ethereum, Testing to Begin in July

  • The teams at Zilliqa, Switcheo and Polynetwork have been working on a ZIL- ETH bridge
  • The Zilliqa-Ethereum bridge is meant to create interoperability between the two networks
  • Beta testing on the Testnet version has been scheduled for the ‘next ten days’
  • The bridge is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2021

The teams at Zilliqa, Switcheo and Polynetworks have been working on a bridge to connect the ZIL network to Ethereum. According to the official announcement, the ZIL-ETH bridge will begin beta testing on the project’s testnet in ‘the next 10 days’. The team has promised to provide an exact date when the beta testing will begin.

Zilliqa-Ethereum Bridge to Bring Interoperability in an Age of DeFi

The Zilliqa-Ethereum bridge being developed is aimed at opening the doors to interoperability between the two networks. As a result, dapps, developers and users will finally be able to transfer data and transactions between the two chains in a quick and efficient manner without additional complex coding.

The team at Zilliqa went on to explain the benefits of such a bridge through the following statement.

With interoperability, users and developers can seamlessly transact with multiple blockchains and benefit from those cross-chain ecosystems, application offerings in areas like decentralised finance (DeFi), gaming, supply chain logistics, etc.

The list goes on. Interoperability creates the ability for users and developers to not be stuck having to choose one blockchain over another, but rather, they can benefit from multiple chains being able to interlink.

Full Launch of the Zilliqa-Ethereum Bridge Expected Sometime in the Third Quarter of 2021

With respect to the expected date of the full launch of the Zilliqa-Ethereum bridge, the team at ZIL gave an estimate of the third quarter of 2021 in their Telegram channel.

In the meantime and once the beta testing begins, the team at Zilliqa will be offering some discretionary ZIL rewards for developers and users providing constructive feedback regarding the ZIL-ETH bridge.