Bakkt's Bitcoin and Crypto App Opens its Doors to Early Testers 14

Bakkt’s Bitcoin and Crypto App Opens its Doors to Early Testers

Quick take:

  • Bakkt’s Bitcoin and Crypto app is now available to those who signed up for early access
  • Current features include cash (USD) deposits/withdrawals and Bitcoin trading
  • More features will be added with time
  • Early users/testers have been requested to give feedback
  • The Bakkt mobile app is one more giant step towards Bitcoin and crypto adoption

The highly anticipated mobile app by Bakkt is now available for those who signed up for early access. Participants of the early access program were notified of the availability of the Bakkt app via an email sent out on the 11th of November.

The email also urged users to provide valuable feedback on the mobile app as soon as they started using it. The team at Bakkt welcomed early access users via the following statement.

We’re excited to welcome you into the Bakkt Early Access Program, which means that you’re getting access to the Bakkt App today! As both an early adopter and one of the first people ever to use the Bakkt App, we hope you will take some time to provide valuable feedback to our team on the Bakkt experience.

Features Currently Available for Early Access Users

The email went on to explain that the development team at Bakkt will be launching new features in the weeks to follow. In the meantime, the Bakkt Bitcoin and Crypto App currently has the following available for early access users.

  • Cash (USD) deposits & withdrawals (with a $20 reward for linking a bank account – valid for 7 days)
  • Aggregation of participating loyalty & rewards accounts
  • Bitcoin (BTC) trading

Additionally, the following features will soon to be added to the Bakkt Bitcoin and crypto app.

  • Instant cash deposits (USD)
  • Aggregation & purchase of supported gift cards
  • Bakkt Cash experience in the Starbucks® mobile app

What this App Means for Bitcoin and Crypto Adoption

The Bakkt Bitcoin and crypto app was slated for a summer launch. One reason for a possible delay in launching the app is the current global situation with respect to COVID19.

However, what matters is that the Bakkt app is now available to those who signed up for early access. The early access program is still open to those willing to try out the Bakkt mobile app by visiting

The availability of the Bakkt mobile app was also one day before US PayPal users were granted access to purchasing Bitcoin and crypto on their accounts.

Both PayPal and Bakkt providing investors and traders with an opportunity to invest in BTC and the various cryptocurrencies, is the adoption many crypto enthusiasts have been waiting for for over a decade. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before Bitcoin and crypto are used for the payment of goods and services in a manner more efficient than cold hard cash or even credit/debit cards.