Zilliqa (ZIL) Could Be Worth $0.22 by 2025 - Fundstrat Report 14

Zilliqa (ZIL) Could Be Worth $0.22 by 2025 – Fundstrat Report

Quick take:

  • The team at Frundstrat has published an analytical report on Zilliqa (ZIL)
  • It explains that the ASEAN financial services market provides Zilliqa with a $7.8B revenue opportunity by 2025
  • Enterprises within Zilliqa could be worth $3.6B in 2025 by capturing 10% of ASEAN’s DLT based financial services market
  • ZIL thus has the potential of being worth $0.22 by 2025

The team at Fundstrat has published a comprehensive analytical report on the Zilliqa (ZIL) project. According to the report, the Zilliqa (ZIL) project is strategically placed to capture the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) DLT financial services market. This market is estimated to provide a $7.8 billion revenue opportunity for ecosystems such as Zilliqa by 2025.

First from Banking to Fintech, and now from Fintech to OpFi [DLT financial services], Zilliqa looks focused on the right place. Zilliqa’s DLT is designed to support a range of use cases, but the team is currently laser-focused on targeting the biggest one, banking…Disruption opportunities span payments, remittances, lending, investing, insurance and more.

ASEAN OpFi represents a $7.2B revenue opportunity for ecosystems like Zilliqa by 2025. We estimate that OpFi companies employing DLT in the region could capture 19% share from the digital banking market which represents a meager 2% of the overall ASEAN financial services market. ASEAN’s financial services market is ripe for disruption.

Zilliqa Ecosystem Could be Worth $3.9B, ZIL Could Hit $0.22

The report goes on to explain that both the Zilliqa ecosystem and ZIL can benefit positively by capturing a fraction of ASEAN’s DLT financial services market.

Enterprises within the Zilliqa ecosystem could be worth $3.6B in 2025 by capturing 10% of ASEAN OpFi…

Zilliqa’s DLT network and the ZIL token could be worth $3.9B and $0.22 using our 2025 model assumptions.

From an assumed $64B serviceable market using Zilliqa’s DLT, we assume 30% use the ZIL token to facilitate the financial function(s) being served (i.e. using ZIL for payments or as loan collateral) and a 5x model velocity to reach our valuation. We assume 50% or $90M of DLT fees go to network nodes.

2020 Would Validate Zilliqa’s Real World Use Case

In conclusion, the report explains that the successful deployment of Zilliqa’s technology this year could validate the project in terms of real-world adoption. The continual growth of the Zilliqa network and strategic partnerships will also be pivotal to the project moving forward and the value of ZIL.