Chainlink Team Has Dumped 34M+ LINK on Binance - Zeus Capital 15

Chainlink Team Has Dumped 34M+ LINK on Binance – Zeus Capital


  • Zeus Capital has continued to rattle the Chainlink project, constantly insinuating it is a scam
  • The latest accusation is that the Chainlink team has been dumping LINK on Binance since last summer
  • Zeus Capital highlights a Chainlink address holding 90k LINK and claims it once had 34.5 million tokens
  • According to Zeus, the address sold 1M LINK per month and soon graduated to 1.5M tokens per week

Zeus Capital is once again on the offensive against the Chainlink team.

In a recent Twitter thread, Zeus Capital claims that the team at Chainlink has sold over 34 million LINK tokens in the past few months through the Binance exchange.

Zeus Capital evidence is hinged on a Chainlink address that allegedly once held 34.5 million LINK as explained below.

Remember the 34,500,000 LINK ‘dev’ address @chainlink was consistently dumping on Binance? It’s now depleted

As the crypto bull run accelerated so did @Smart_Contract‘s greed: a year ago, they were selling 1M LINK a month, now it’s 1.5M a week.

Chainlink Team Has Pocketed $500M Since Last Summer – Zeus Capital

A quick glance at the address provided above reveals that it now holds roughly 90,421 LINK valued at $2.476 million. This fact was further reiterated by the team at Zeus who warned that the selling could continue since the project’s founder still holds roughly 550 million.

The dump is far from over, though.

There are 550M $LINK on @SergeyNazarov‘s disposal and a brand new ‘dev’ address to draw

What is Chainlink doing with that much money?

According to Zeus Capital, the team at Chainlink could have pocketed close to $500 million from the LINK sold since last summer. Such an amount is relatively high when compared to other regular companies as explained below.

Since last summer, SmartContract must’ve pocketed over $500M from the $LINK sold. To put it into perspective, Dun&Bradstreet, a big data enterprise employing more than 6,000 people, spent $1.1B during the same period. D&B has 137k institutional clients and ~16,000 data sources

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