Litecoin Fdn. Partners With Hub to Deliver Virtual & Hybrid Events

Quick take:

  • The Litecoin Foundation has an announced a partnership with Hub
  • The partnership will be for the delivery of virtual and hybrid events to the crypto industry and Litecoin’s over 1,000,000 global member community
  • Such events are particularly important during COVID times that require social distancing
  • Litecoin’s global community will get rewarded for meaningful and trustworthy interactions

The Litecoin Foundation has announced a partnership with Hub that will ‘deliver virtual and hybrid events to the crypto industry’. According to the official announcement, the partnership is geared towards catering for the over 1,000,000 Litecoin members spread across the world and to increase interactions between them.

Such virtual and hybrid events are particularly important during the current COVID19 times where social distancing is highly advised. The Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation, Charlie Lee, further emphasized this via the following statement.

With the pandemic still affecting the globe, we were searching for a platform that could effectively deliver virtual events for our global community. We are excited to partner with Hub to continue to engage with our community in a new and even more engaging way.

The Founder of Hub, Eric Ly, further explained that the Litecoin global community will get rewarded for meaningful and trustworthy interactions.

Hub also enables the global community of the Litecoin Foundation to interact and rewards members for meaningful and trustworthy interactions.

The Litening Series Event by Litecoin Foundation and Hub

To kick things off, both teams at the Litecoin Foundation and Hub have created the Litening Series of Events with the main focus on delivering news and bringing the community together. The most recent Litening Event discussed various Litecoin developments including, the LTC Visa Card, the progress of MimbleWimble and more.

What is Hub?

The Hub is a crypto-based community platform that rewards users for their trustworthy engagement. It also helps these communities by providing portable and verified identity profiles based on interactions with other users.

Hub token is the native digital asset of Hub and is used to provide incentives for promoting trust between users. Users can earn Hub tokens for the activities in the network that also create reputation data. More on Hub and the Hub Token can be found on the project’s white paper.

At the time of writing, Hub token is available for trading on and will soon be available on HitBTC.